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In the auditory cortex, do neighbouring neurons receive similar input?

Vasquez-Lopez et al. (2017) eLife

Can adult humans adapt to a hearing loss in one ear using multiple strategies?

Keating et al. (2016) eLife.

In the auditory midbrain, do neighbouring neurons like similar things?

Barnstedt et al. (2015) J Neurosci

How is sound localization affected by previous experience?

Keating & King (2015) Curr Opin Neurobiol

Can the developing auditory system adapt to hearing loss using multiple adaptive strategies?

Keating et al. (2015) Nat Neurosci

Does experience affect which cues to sound location are used at different sound frequencies?

Keating et al. (2014) EJN

What are the developmental effects of a hearing loss in one ear?

Keating & King (2013) Front Syst Neuro

What happens to sound localization if you experience hearing loss during development?

Keating et al. (2013) Curr Biol

Can ferrets use different sound localization cues?

Keating et al. (2013) JARO

How is sound localization affected by previous experience?

King et al. (2011) Neurosci Biobehav Rev

Do humans and neurons adapt to recent sound statistics?

Dahmen et al. (2010) Neuron

Can ferrets wear earphones?

Nodal et al. (2010) J Neurosci Methods

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