Hearing Practicals


The hearing practicals consist of 2 parts, which should be worked through in order. For each part, first download the workbook and work your way through it. Each workbook provides background information and questions – it will also tell you when to watch the videos associated with each workbook and point you towards additional webpages that you will need to visit.

You will need to work in pairs and each pair will need a laptop/computer with internet access and earphones/headphones. If anything is stopping you from making progress, check immediately with some of your classmates. If they can’t help, let us know and we will resolve the issue.

1. Sound Localization and the Psychometric Function

Video 1.1. Sound Localization Introduction.

[Important Note: if you are doing the practical in person, this video just repeats the introductory presentation given by your instructor. So you only need to watch it if you didn’t understand the instructor’s introductory presentation]

2. [OPTIONAL] Spatial Hearing and Adaptation

[Important Note: this part of the practical is optional and covers more advanced aspects of hearing. So only attempt it if you manage to complete everything else].

Video 2.1. Spatial Hearing and Adaptation Intro.

Video 2.2. Spatial Hearing Demos

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