Barnstedt et al. (2015) J Neurosci

In the midbrain, do neighbouring neurons like similar things? Decades of research have shown that neighouring neurons often respond to similar sound frequencies, which can produce maps of frequency in the brain. However, recent research has shown that this organization may break down at a very fine spatial scale in the auditory forebrain. This paperContinue reading “Barnstedt et al. (2015) J Neurosci”

Keating et al. (2016) eLife

Can adult humans adapt to a hearing loss in one ear using multiple strategies? Sound localization is impaired by a hearing loss in one ear. But during development, ferrets adapt to this type of hearing loss using multiple adaptive strategies. This paper shows that adult humans also use multiple adaptive strategies for adapting to aContinue reading “Keating et al. (2016) eLife”